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Love touches people at Grace Covenant – not just the people in the church, but those in our communities. One of the great expressions of God's love is when we meet another person's need.


What Christ began thousands of years ago is what He is asking us as His to continue today.  In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus is very clear to us to reach people who don’t know Him yet. Chances are that if you have taken the step to say “yes” to Jesus, that step started in a home, a coffee shop, a hospital room, or maybe on a street corner – someplace where someone reached out to you and said or did something that made you feel loved and that gave you hope.


We believe in the power of partnership. Instead of starting a lot of outreach ministries within Grace Covenant, we encourage cooperation and collaboration with ministries in the community that are already making an impact in lives. This philosophy helps us to maximize the extension of gifts and abilities within our church family and extend our touch to the widest amount of people possible.


  • Community Blessing Baskets
    Campus Cornelius & East Lincoln Campuses
    On the National Day of Prayer, notes of appreciation and blessing baskets are delivered to local public schools, fire stations, police departments and mayors’ offices. Register here if you would like to include a note of appreciation to one of the leaders, prepare a batch of brownies or cookies for one or more of the blessing baskets, or help assemble the baskets.


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